Monday, November 1, 2010


1. It's difficult being a devoted blogger amidst the craziness of work, school and my sad little semblance of a personal life.

2. I have gained 12 giant pounds since our wedding in March, I've lost all kinds of muscle tone, and feel like quite the lard ass.

3. Most of my free time this month will involve furiously fighting the lard ass feelings mentioned above (thus "Live, Laugh, Eat. Repeat." may be a little light on the EAT portion).

4. I said "free" time in #3 as if that's actually something that exists in my life. pfff!

5. I love lists.

6. I would like to give MAD PROPS to bloggers everywhere who maintain and update even when you're super busy. Bravo all around... I aspire to your levels of organization.

7. I wish I could post pics of my classroom and kiddos. They are a constant source of entertainment and adorableness.

8. I am going to make this all work, someday! Thanks for sticking with me!