Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Friday {Week 7 - Saturday Edition}

One of these weeks I'll actually post on a Friday. Until then...

2.12 - Another day, another cupcake.

2.13 - Will you be my valentine?

2.14 - The Teeb gets major love from Kindergartners 
{yes, that's her valentines mailbox}

2.15 - Mr. Willi and Me, through 5-year-old eyes.

{Can you see the resemblance? I can! ☺}

2.16 - Post-class treat {from across the street!} 

2.17 - Why, yes, I will be starting a collection of these adorable bottles.

2.18 - Already have a collection of these adorable bottles.
{one of those weeks.}

OK, I'm tired of making goals and not sticking to them. Next week all shots will be outside... pinky swear. Wish me luck!

Happy three-day weekend!

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

This "holiday" is kind of weird... but it is another excuse to indulge in goodies {as if I needed one of those}, so I guess I shouldn't complain. My day was pretty awesome-- started out being showered with sweets and tokens of affection from my class... followed by {forgetting to pass out} my oh-so-charming homemade valentines...

...ended with this little gem that I found when I got home:

Reason no. 8,587,344 that I love my husband: He's a cornball, and he speaks the truth even in greeting cards. What a rare find, hah! :-)

Hope your Valentine's Day was wonderful!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Photo Friday {Week 6 - Saturday Edition}

Rough week-- not much photo snapping...

2.5 - Greeting. Lovely and simple design.

2.6 - Happiness. {aka} Georgetown Cupcake 

2.7 - Pad Thai. All healthy and what not, thanks to Bethenny!

2.8 - Tired. What a sleepy babe.

2.9 - New adventures.

2.10 - Hot Cocoa {aka} did somebody put some hot cocoa in my marshmallows?

2.11 - Valentine's carnations. NINE! From my kiddos. {I LVE my job!}

Well, there you have it. Last week the goal was to get outside. That obviously didn't happen. I blame the weather. A "warming trend" is supposed to swing on through next week, so my goal is to have at least two outside shots. Wish me luck!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's get naked...

...PALETTE, that is! What were you thinking? 

Spent a little while sweating it out on Urban Decay's waitlist, but it's finally here! 

After our wedding {and subsequent professional beautification}, I decided my face needed a little shake up from the daily routine of wearing absolutely nothing. I did what any makeup newb would do-- walked into a MAC cosmetics store and plopped myself down on a stool for a couple hours. I walked out looking like something straight off Hollywood Boulevard, but I was fully stocked with the goods to make myself look like an actual, living person {instead of a zombie}. I still haven't made the leap to everyday application, but my Kindergartners think I'm beautiful, so I'm not too concerned. 

Turns out, I LIKE looking awake—and dare I say—pretty! 

I ordered this palette out of *pure* vanity and I can't wait to play :)

It's 12 neutral shades ranging from shimmery champagnes to "gritty" darks for smoky eyes. Yum. 

The set comes with black and brown smooth eyeliner and an eyelid primer for long-lasting wear.  

Now I just need somewhere to go this weekend. Who's takin' me out?!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo Friday {Week 5}

I know, I know-- a day late, but here goes...

1.29 - "Serve chilled" indeed.

1.31 -  New toy - fantastic for pad thai

2.2 - Champagne Saturday Creations

2.3 - Houseguest - Meet Dierks, Tiegan's boyfriend!

2.4 - Embarrassment - "Mama, why'd you tell everyone about my boyfriend, gahh!"

My goal for next week is to get OUTside. For the most part, the last five weeks have been things around our home. I think my photos have cabin fever! 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Little Kindness...

...goes a long way!

I got a package in my mailbox at school yesterday. Here's what was inside:

A bundle of snowflake cookies and sweet note from one of my instructors from the fall semester. What a lovely reminder of the amazing support I have in my grad program.  

Thanks, Katie!