Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's get naked...

...PALETTE, that is! What were you thinking? 

Spent a little while sweating it out on Urban Decay's waitlist, but it's finally here! 

After our wedding {and subsequent professional beautification}, I decided my face needed a little shake up from the daily routine of wearing absolutely nothing. I did what any makeup newb would do-- walked into a MAC cosmetics store and plopped myself down on a stool for a couple hours. I walked out looking like something straight off Hollywood Boulevard, but I was fully stocked with the goods to make myself look like an actual, living person {instead of a zombie}. I still haven't made the leap to everyday application, but my Kindergartners think I'm beautiful, so I'm not too concerned. 

Turns out, I LIKE looking awake—and dare I say—pretty! 

I ordered this palette out of *pure* vanity and I can't wait to play :)

It's 12 neutral shades ranging from shimmery champagnes to "gritty" darks for smoky eyes. Yum. 

The set comes with black and brown smooth eyeliner and an eyelid primer for long-lasting wear.  

Now I just need somewhere to go this weekend. Who's takin' me out?!


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