Monday, August 23, 2010

Three things...

are keeping me from blogging right now:

1) school has started back up for teachers, and I'm crazy busy getting my classroom and brain together!
2) we decided to foster a dog and he's loco— but he's adorable AND getting better every day it seems.
3) on top of everything, I'm still a student myself— and class is back in session.


Very exciting trips coming up over the next couple weekends, and tons of photos of the foster pup to come. I promise.

When I actually have things to share, there's no time to share it! Not fair.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Auto Blunder

Amwilli: Let's take the poochie for a walk.
Me: Great, I'll bring my camera.

[Once outside]

Me: Oh no, it's raining— can I put the camera in your car?
Amwilli: Sure

[walk, walk, walk, talk, talk, talk]

Grabbed my camera on the way back in, but wanted to take the opportunity to practice with the macro, and take some raindrop photos...

Once we got to our door, we realized the keys were still in the car. Now, for normal people this would be no problem— just get the spare and there you go. Unfortunately we're not normal and don't have a spare :-/

Yup... there they are:

To avoid Geico or locksmith fees, we decided to give this thing a go. We scoured the Internet and armed ourselves with state-of-the-art tools to get the door open:

as well as a trusty assistant...

Then we got to work

Our assistant was a strongly in favor of picking the lock.

The wire hanger shimmying did NOT work (shocker)...

So I shuffled off to the auto parts store to get a slim jim.

aka this thing:

After poking around inside the door (to no avail), we went BACK to the Internet for more research, found an awesome video about wedging the door open and scooting something in to pull on the lock. The wedge system didn't work for the first few minutes, then we got smart.

I turned the hanger into a loop to lasso the window crank and got it to turn enough to slip the slim jim through the window.

Once the slim jim was close enough to the door lock, we pressed as hard as we could and got it to swing open! You would have thought we'd won the lottery with the screams of relief I let out. And what an amazing sense of accomplishment!

Unfortunately, the door didn't take kindly to all the shimmying and jimmying.


But at least I got some practice in, right?!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Baaaabe...

The Teeb is FOUR! I can't believe it... feels like only yesterday since we've had her. In honor of her birthday, here are some oh-so-adorable pics of our favorite pooch:

Her BFF, Marley (as in Bob... not Marley & Me)

Happy Birthday Tiegan! We couldn't ask for a better pup!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Tale of Two Hikes

This past weekend was full of all things food and wine. Between our pizza, delicious desserts, and date night at Iron Bridge Wine Company, our bellies were full and our tolerances were higher than normal.

We needed a remedy, STAT!

Step One: put down the food and put away the booze.
Step Two: get some sleep.
Step Three: eat a nutritious breakfast.
Step Four: get and keep your booty moving.

Sunday's hike was at Sugarloaf Mountain, or "the mountain," as we like to refer to it.

What a ham!


Monday's outing was quite the treat— JC and her adorable poochies, Bentley and Smoky, schlepped all the way from Baltimore to join us for a late morning walk in Black Hill Regional Park. [Note: I got a red "misspelled" squiggle under 'poochies' but not 'schlepped.' Go fig.]

About to meet new friends!

What would an introduction be without a nice, long butt sniff?


On the way home...

Day at the park = sleepy pups.
And three large pooches comfortably in my back seat = miraculous. But since the Teeb apparently has personal space issues, she's barely in the picture (womp).

Can't wait to hit the trails again soon with these goobers :)

Good luck to anyone else in full-on weekend recovery mode!