Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Christmas tree!

Nothing like the holidays to rev up the old bloggity blog (good thing I don't get paid for this). Last weekend we set out on our annual hunt for the perfect tree. This hunt was all the more special because it's our first Christmas in the new casa. 

Higher ceilings and more space = bigger and fatter tree. Confession: my tree criteria is painfully simple-- it should be shaped like my grandma-- pleasantly plump with a round bottom. Trust me, she would have LOVED that

The journey unfolds...

Success! Seven-footer with a fat booty.

Trusty side pooch.

 She helped again this year...

 And of course, the GOATS! I love them. Am I seriously disturbed?

Aspirations for the next house... the bigguns.

Next up, decorating... Happy December!