Saturday, January 28, 2012

Banana bread brown sugar pancakes

Another Pinterest recipe success!

Brown sugar banana bread pancakes with vanilla glaze. Ridiculously delicious. 

I started with the recipe here. I made some substitutions out of necessity... 
  • oat flour instead of whole wheat flour {the Mister is gluten-free}
  • 2 bananas instead of 3 bananas {thats all I had}
  • cream instead of milk {milk decided to check out early. blechh}
  • this glaze instead of the vanilla maple {I loathe syrup} 
These pancakes are the real deal, and oh so easy to make. I'm tinkering with the idea of turning them into  cupcakes. The batter is fluffy yet dense {which doesn't make all that much sense, but I don't know how else to explain it}. It reminds me of the little pieces of heaven from Baked and Wired. Mmm... pardon me while I drool a little. 

If you're a pancake lover and/or banana bread lover, these are a must. Get going!

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