Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bad News, Great News!

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, my beloved camera unexpectedly bit the dust last week. I'm beyond bummed because I'm pretty obsessed with my trusty little kodak (or at least I was).

It was thin and sassy (qualities I wouldn't mind having myself)! It also had a ton of settings and scenes, was really fun to use AND was my favorite color. OK, well now that I've sufficiently eulogized, I suppose I should get onto the good news here— because there actually is some!


It's a beauty! And after the initial shock (of this seemingly random gift) and fear that I'd break it wore off, I really enjoyed bugging the Teeb with test shoots. I knew I wanted to make the leap from point & shoot to D-SLR, but I wasn't intending to make it quite this soon.

✳ A HUGE thanks and I L♡VE YOU to Amwilli for that ✳

I'm really looking forward to learning to work this thing, and gracing these pages with some high quality photography. Bear with me!

She's certainly thrilled about it—

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