Saturday, February 19, 2011

Photo Friday {Week 7 - Saturday Edition}

One of these weeks I'll actually post on a Friday. Until then...

2.12 - Another day, another cupcake.

2.13 - Will you be my valentine?

2.14 - The Teeb gets major love from Kindergartners 
{yes, that's her valentines mailbox}

2.15 - Mr. Willi and Me, through 5-year-old eyes.

{Can you see the resemblance? I can! ☺}

2.16 - Post-class treat {from across the street!} 

2.17 - Why, yes, I will be starting a collection of these adorable bottles.

2.18 - Already have a collection of these adorable bottles.
{one of those weeks.}

OK, I'm tired of making goals and not sticking to them. Next week all shots will be outside... pinky swear. Wish me luck!

Happy three-day weekend!

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