Friday, October 8, 2010

As Promised...

The birthday meal extravaganza!

So apparently, Mr. Willi searched high and low for an equal parts healthy and satisfying meal for my birthday dinner. [Isn't he great?] He pretty much hit it out of the park with the meal he planned—drum roll, please...

A deliciously quick meal from the folks over at Eating Well. The name alone screams "hours in the kitchen," but it was quite the contrary. And thank goodness, because by the time he got home from the grocery store with the ingredients, I was starving. In the end, my belly and I were quite pleased. The paella was light yet hearty, smooth with a little tang, and the textures were just great!

There are few things more attractive than this...

Turns out all the frazzled nerves and stomping around (see tail end of last post) were on account of a lost container of saffron... he actually went out and bought a whole new container. After dinner I found the "lost" saffron on the floor under the sink, pesky little thing...

After the saffron incident, it only took another 20ish minutes for dinner. Paired with a delicious salad, this meal was pretty perfect.

Thanks babe!


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