Thursday, March 17, 2011

Willi Wedding Extravaganza - The Eats

Las Vegas is a magical place-- mostly because you can make it whatever you want. The mister and I have been a handful of times, and we've yet to spend a single dime on gambling.

Now, spending several dimes on great food... that's a whole other story.

Our wedding was slightly extremely different from a leisurely night of dining in Vegas. It was a leisurely night of dining times 65. By normal wedding standards that's a modest gathering-- but it was substantial for a destination wedding.

We knew we wanted quality and great food all around-- and I think we got it. {If you were there and you disagree, you're wrong ☺}

First up, we had cupcakes from Retro Bakery at our meet and greet.  I cannot say enough about how insanely delicious our Meet and Greet cupcakes were. More like I can't say enough about how insanely delicious OTHER people told me they were. Sadly, the most I got was the teeny tiniest bite/lick {blick?} of the chocolate peanut butter one leftover in my room the night before the wedding. 

It. Was. Awesome. 

How can someone have a full-fledged love affair based on a blick, you ask? Well, I strolled into the shop about an hour before they closed and requested 3 1/2 dozen cupcakes the day of the meet and greet. Instead of looking at me like the crazy person I clearly was, they just said "can you give us an hour?" Brilliant! I went for a random variety, and it didn't disappoint. I can't wait to get my greedy little mitts on one of these babies when we get back to LV. 

Next up, our reception. What can I say? I had a fabulous time. I don't know if we could have gotten this value anywhere else in Las Vegas or just anywhere else in general. As I mentioned before, we had an all-you-can-eat tapas banquet at Firefly* Downtown.

Our banquet included limitless:

♠ Bread, olives, almond butter 
 ♣ Bacon-wrapped, stuffed date    ♥ Patatas Bravas   
       ♠ Chicken skewers                        ♥ Filet mignon sliders
        ♦ Crispy duck rolls                        ♣ Camarones el diablo
       ♠ Empanadas                                 ♦ Camarones el ajillo

Shockingly enough, we don't have ANY photos of the tapas at the reception! Probably because once the food hit the tables, it was pretty much gobbled up. So, I had to do a little digging. All credit goes to the lovely reviewers at Yelp! 

Last but not least... our cake!

Cake Designs LV {the bakery} was closed when we had our scouting trip, so our cake was prrrretty much a surprise. Now, of course I did my research, but there's only so much you can do from 2500 miles away. The rest was left up to chance-- and I've got to say, we had some seriously good mojo working for us on this decision. Oh, and I made sure to get a nibble of every layer! We had: lemon cake w/ lemon mousse, fudge cake w/ chocolate mousse and red velvet w/ cream cheese filling. It was all under their deliiiicious whipped icing which was so light and fluffy, I could have taken a nap on it {or something slightly less disgusting}. 

So I guess that's it for the food. Reminiscing is making me hungry!

Next up, on this fantastic voyage is... PHOTOGRAPHY! Until then...