Monday, October 3, 2011

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

So I finally recreated something from Pinterest {and yes, of course it was food}.

Best thing about this recipe is that measuring isn't really all that necessary. I don't mind all the measuring and exactness in baking—but when I'm making something savory, I just want to throw ingredients in a pot and end up with something delicious. Thankfully, this was just such a dish!

Here's the original post: Mini deep dish pizzas 

As I mentioned before, I only used this recipe as a guideline-- I didn't measure any of my ingredients at all, and I left out the sweetener and black pepper.

For much more aesthetically pleasing photos, please refer to the original post... these are quick and diiiirty {cue Christina Aguilera}:

Ingredients. And now for a little critical thinking: which ingredient is most important and why? 

What does one do with leftover tortilla pieces?

I bet this goober has an idea. He may or may not have gotten a few pieces for faithfully guarding the kitchen. Puppy dog eyes get me every time. 

I used the Don Pepino can to cut out perfect tortilla rounds.

I used a whole can of pizza sauce, a heaping handful of both the mini pepperonis and mozzarella cheese, then gave it a good stir.

It was surprisingly easy to fill the tortillas, hardly any spillage!

Top them with cheese and some mini pepperonis and pop them into the oven at 400º for about 15 minutes {or until the cheese is golden brown}.

And there you go! Easy Peezy, lemon squeezy! {I obviously spend too much time with third graders}. I know they're looking a little dubious with those burnt cheesy shreds, but only a crazy person would get rid of that goodness, so the jagged edges get to stay. 

Mini Deep Dish Pizzas - ☆☆☆☆☆
♡ quick and easy
♡ great recipe to mix and match ingredients
♡ healthy! {whole wheat tortilla, reduced fat cheese, mini pepperonis}
♡ built-in portion control 

Fact: These mini pizzas have already had an encore appearance this week. Hope you enjoy yours just as much!


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