Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gettin' jiggy with it.

Confession-- I've had that blog title in mind ever since I bought this:

And what on Earth would I need with a jigsaw you ask? Because I wanted one of these:

...without paying an arm and a leg. This is where my deluded sense of my DIY abilities comes in to play (fueled by way too much HGTV, teacher discounts, and stockpiled coupons). I gathered up some materials...

 Then I got to work. I wasn't quite sure what shape I wanted, but I knew I wanted some curvature-- although nothing overly feminine because I do have to share the room with a boy. I drew a line on half the board freehand, then cut and used the scrap as a stencil. 

After the board was cut, I stuck on the batting with a very light coat of spray adhesive. I just needed it to make sure the foam stayed in place. I used about an inch and a half of batting because the board was only a half inch. 

After the foam was in place enough, it was finally time for fabric. Thanks to my teacher discount, fabric wasn't the splurge I thought it'd be. 

After the fabric was on and straight, I had to flip the board and start pulling for dear life. That part was super boring... but at least it was easy...

...unlike installing the nailhead trim. It's a lot harder than it seems, and my left pinky finger would probably be ok never dealing with it again. 

I suppose a little slice in a fairly useless digit is a small price to pay for the finished product. 


Two very enthusiastic thumbs up-- and the Mr. loves it, so all around success! Fist bumps for finally having an adult bed. Woo!