Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday in a nutshell

Last official day of my break before classes and orientations start up... what better way to spend it than shoving food in my face?

First things first -- healthy type things:
♡ Jog with the pooch
♡ Dutch Country Farmer's Market
♡ Awesome catch up with Mama Willi (wish we didn't live so far away)

Then it was on to dinner with Miss M. I've been raving about our neighborhood sushi place, Yuraku, and was really excited we finally found time to go. We got to dinner pretty early, but that definitely worked in our favor because there was a line out the door by the time we left.

Early birds need to unwind a little...

Onto the good stuff!

This little beauty isn't even on the menu: "salmon nachos" — (from the top down) avocado, sashimi salmon, thin apple slice, spicy tuna, tempura rice, honey, nori. It is insanely delicious!

7 color rainbow roll - 5 different fish, crab, and octopus(!) in soybean paper.
Titanic roll - tempura lobster with avocado, crab and cucumber.
Kanikama - crab stick (mmm)


Maybe not the most "logical" choice for dessert, but certainly the most obvious if you're dealing with me. Helllllo, Yogi Castle!

The already lovely evening was topped off with a trip to Sugarloaf cellars and 7/11 for some goodies before some much-needed Arrested Development viewing. Thank you, Netflix!

Looove Fridays!

*PS - Blogger's worst nightmare: my beloved camera has died. Currently using Amwilli's until I find a replacement. Please excuse the 1970s quality of my photos in the meantime :)


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