Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Theme Songs

A couple weeks ago, at a summer school volunteer orientation, one of the questions on our totally-not-corny-at-all icebreaker was "What would you choose as your theme song?"

I was stumped and after a quick sec I made up some cheese about how for the Summer my theme song is "Stayin' Alive" because courses and working are trying to end me.

Ever since then I've been a-thinkin... and I've decided I don't like that answer. I've got a few other theme songs I hope will get me through the Summer and on into next year without a trip to the looney bin.

First up, workout theme song... the neverending battle with the bulge deserves something tried and true. It's been in my workout mix for YEARS, and it still gets me pumped. Sometimes when I'm feeling extra proud of myself, it even gets me a little emotional. Drum roll please..........

Now, I know this song is all about some dude who did her wrong— but all I hear is "blahblahblah FIGHTER" so it's all good.

Another sweet workout ditty: "Magic" - B.o.B. ft. Rivers Cuomo

Up next we have my general, end-of-a-day of accomplishment song. I hum this one in my head when I know I'm on my game... homework is done, awesome dinner is on the table, place is tidy... just the simple pleasures that make you feel good, cue Mr. Bublé:

Another feel good (although, it's feel so good, I wanna dance) song: "Carryout" - Timbaland & JT

Now onto the ultimate in cheeseballiness (yes, I believe I just made that word up). This is my "I can do ANYTHING" song. I hear this, and I swear I can leap tall buildings in a single bound. OK, maybe not that... but I at least feel as though I can handle whatever is around the corner... try not to judge me too harshly for this one:

Yes, I know... and I'm OK with it. "Wicked" is awesome. Do yourself a favor and go see it if you haven't.

Another "I know I can" song: "Til I Collapse" - Eminem

Let's see... who's up next? Aww yes, the hubster. We don't actually have a "song," so my relationship theme song du jour is just a little something I hear that makes me smile, and he knows makes me think of him.

I adore my husband.

From the songs that make my heart sing to a song that stops me from wanting to commit violent acts... nice transition, eh?

Bob! You should be a prescription... who needs a flippin' Xanax after that?

Ahhh... so many others, but in the interest of not boring you, and not receiving a cease and desist from YouTube— I'll save the rest for another day...

But now I'm curious! What's YOUR theme song??