Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Survival Kit

Apologies for the missing-in-actionness as of late. This girl has been busy. But, hark-- I have returned... with a list of goodies getting me through Swelter Fest '11:

The world's most amazing toaster oven-- convection oven, toaster, bake/broiler-- and most importantly keeps us from having to turn on the real oven. Thanks, Papa Willi!

The first of a few things I probably *shouldn't* have. Too bad. I love me some Jones Soda. I stick to the Zilch, because I'm not a big believer in drinking calories (unless of course, there's booze involved).

25 calories of pure bliss. Sugar water at its absolute finest. 

Vine-ripened, and perfect for BLTs (my any season favorite, no fuss, no oven meal). 

These are pretty tasty. I think they may be just a phase-- but they're making the cut for now.

Bible of deliciousness-- and all the eats are within 45 minutes. It's probably unsafe for me to have this so readily available.

Driscoll's. Love them. Planning to throw together some balsamic strawberries later this week. Stay tuned!

I totally buy into the powers of Kombucha... and nowww I feel like a hippy. 

 Grilled peaches are my all-time favorite summer time dessert. Life's a peach, right?

Millions of peaches, peaches for me. <--who remembers that song?


  1. Awesome post, Erin! I had no idea you had a blog - now I'm going to become a follower. I agree - Kombucha is absolutely heavenly. What type of convection/toaster oven is that? I've been in the market for one...

  2. Oh I'm your hippy buddy then :). I have been drinking kombucha for years and synergy is my favorite brand :). They removed it from Whole Foods for a while because there were complaints from people that it ferments too much. Personally I loved it better before, when it was more bubbly! It had all the health benefits with the effect of champagne ;) Squeezy hugs!!!

  3. That tomato looks I want a BLT

  4. FLAVOR ICE! STRAWBERRIES! mmmm, nom nom nom.

    I just came across your blog today! Very LOVELY. :D