Monday, August 1, 2011


My wonderful best friend Miss C (now Mrs. M) got married this past weekend! Congratulations again, my love!

Her oh so fab-u-lous wedding motivated me like nothing ever has to do a few things:

1) Have a professional makeup artist in my phone (you never know when you may need one).
2) Get my body together for once and for all (baby steps).
3) Hop on the shellac manicure bandwagon (these nails have been rock solid with no   
     chipping for five days and counting). 

And the BIG one:

4) Get back to learning about my camera! I've been seriously slacking-- but I saw some 
     photos this past weekend that really made me wish I knew more so I could do a lot more 
     with my canon. 

Back to snap happiness!

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  1. WEDDINGS are amazing! I want to attend as much weddings as I can. it's such a beautiful ceremony.

    Thanks for following me. I am now your newest follower.