Friday, August 19, 2011

Rhode Island

Providence to be exact! That's where we headed after Maine for a visit with friends Steve (A's best man) and Michelle (his better half). 

Our weekend began at a baseball game-- which Steve was promptly thrown out of (So quickly in fact, I didn't even have the chance to snap any photos). Let me set the scene— these times are approximations:

6:58 pm - Quick hi before the game starts.
7:00 pm - We sit in the stands ready for a great game 3 of 3 for the championship (pins and needles).
7:15 pm - Steve comes up to bat. Gets called out on strikes. Points to where the last pitch was (WAY outside), then gets thrown out. 
7:15:30 pm - Amwilli feels the need to call the ump "Napoleon" because he short (original, right?)
7:15:35 pm - I'm mortified that I'm sitting next to such an offensive heckler.
7:16 pm - Steve waves at us to leave. ta-da. And welcome to Rhode Island, folks. 

The rest of the weekend was pretty stellar-- tons of good food, great sites, and informative yelping. Check it out: 

Modern Diner in Pawtucket (that's pa-tucket, not PAW-tucket)-- built in 1940 and the first diner on the registry of historic places (AKA old). The breakfast was awesome-- I highly recommend the Kasey omelette. 

 Downtown Providence... 

...and its stately statehouse.

The boys extolling the virtues of who-knows-what.

Samson, the wonder dog... just look at that face.

 ...and profile...

...and little/big mini bulldog body, which he's keen on throwing into you to say hi. If we didn't have the Teeb I probably would have been shell-shocked by the experience :)

Just in case you weren't aware-- RI is Sox country. Even the tiny garden gnomes know. 

It's us! In Newport! Home of the US Tennis Hall of Fame, Brick Alley Pub, Francesca's and Alex & Ani (among many other things). 

Michelle introduced me to these super cute Alex & Ani stackable bracelets. They're eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials and USA all the way. I got an 'A' because I'm a cheeseball, and the 'Path of Life' because... well, I'm a cheeseball. They sort of twinkle instead of jingle, and they stack with bangles I already have so I think it was meant to be. 

Just because we were out of town didn't mean we had to forego Champagne Saturday. It's one of those things where there wasn't too much arm-twisting involved. 

We had a great weekend you guys☺ Can't wait for the next visit!