Monday, January 24, 2011

Chocolate-covered what now?

Girls night in with my loves. 

Our get-togethers usually happen around some classy booze and lots of not-so-classy food. Baking is my thing (in case you live under a rock), so I'm sad to say that I'm usually a contributor to the not-so-classy food portion of the evening. 

But NOT this time... (well, not as much this time) 

I was inspired by a SparkFriend, to make some dark chocolate-covered clementines-- so I took them as a healthy option. I have to say, these little suckers were fun to make but mostly they were just darn pretty! 

Here they are, start to finish...


Fun snack + pretty AND easy to prepare = will be making these again. Too bad clementines are seasonal (womp).


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