Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

...and happy resurgence into the blogosphere? Guess you've figured out my New Year's resolution! That's right-- I am going to blog more regularly. Get a little more specific you say? OK, can do. I vow to update at least TWICE a week. I know, sassy right?

We'll see where it goes from there.

I've had no shortage of photos and ideas during my hiatus-- so it's time to get going!

What better way than to share a few of our holiday adventures on the Left Coast with the whole Willi clan.

Although Amwilli grew up in California, his house transformed to a winter wonderland EVERY Christmas. We're not talking just your run-of-the-mill light display. We've got Santas of all shapes and sizes, Christmas villages complete with snow, and a tree with 30+ years of homemade ornaments and family memories.

The beginning of my collection, courtesy of Mama Willi-- I love snowmen!

Warm-ish day, and clear at the coast? Well that sounds like a trip to Santa Cruz to me!

Give people driftwood and they will build. Lean-tos and makeshift shelters were scattered about the beach.

Met some friends...

Had a little conversation...

Don't worry-- they made up.

Amwilli and I managed to fit in a little play time in Carmel... can't keep Californians away from the beach, even when it's 50ºF. I didn't mind-- it was perfect for trying out my new lens!

Yeah, I'm corny.

Did someone say cupcakes and espresso? Don't mind if I do...

All in all a delicious little treat of a trip! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays :)


  1. Ooo... what's your new lens? Love it? i'm working on prioritizing my accessory wishlist


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