Thursday, June 17, 2010


I, like other busy people out there, fall victim to the same old dinners week in and week out. Currently our dinner cycle includes a variety of pasta, chicken, salad, fish and turkey dishes. They're not terrible, but they're certainly not gourmet.

Between my classes, and AmWilli's little league practices, we have 2-3 nights a week when we don't get to have dinner together at all, so it's high time we spiced up the menu when we do have the chance to dine à deux.

Enter Bethenny Frankel and The Skinnygirl Dish:

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I've heard wonderful things about this recipe book, and Bethenny's no-nonsense approach to putting easy, affordable— and most importantly, HEALTHY— meals on the table. I batted a few eyelashes and sweet-talked the Mister into picking this baby up on the way home from work tomorrow...

Me: Hey, you're going out of town this weekend, why don't you buy me Bethenny's recipe book as a token to remember you by.

Him: OK, weirdo.

I'm excited to get it in my hot little hands and bust out of this dinner time rut! My goal is to try a new recipe once a week and post the reviews here starting next Wednesday.

In the meantime, what are some of your favorite recipes and quick meals?


  1. I love her book - it's great. You'll enjoy it!!