Saturday, June 26, 2010

Did someone order the Mykonos Burger?

Next up on our trip through The Skinnygirl Dish is a stopover in Greece!

Recipe #2: Mykonos Burger

We love burgers. But we also enjoy fitting into our clothes, so 1) we can't have them all the time, and 2) we're always looking for healthy variations. The Mykonos is a turkey burger that calls up all the flavors of a hearty Greek meal.

The ingredients list looked a little lengthy at first, but once I realized I had all but 2 items, I was supremely happy. After a quick bop to the store for some parsley and feta, I was off...

I mixed all the good stuff above (minus the Greek yogurt) in with the ground turkey. When I'm making burgers I like to use 90% lean ground turkey breast. Turkey has a tendency to dry out, so a teensy bit of extra fat will help with moisture.

Mmm... feta. That's right kids, it goes IN the burger!

I made the patties the night before to give everything the chance to really settle in. I'm also pretty lazy by the time Friday rolls around, so I just wanted to be able to plop these suckers on the grill.

I'm a big fan of grill marks and deliciously seared in flavor. And our over the stove grill plate gets the job done beautifully. It's also a griddle on the flip side (Thanks, Mama Willi)!

The garnish in the recipe is Greek yogurt with some lemon juice and parsley (yum!) I also added a tomato and red pepper slice for some color...

The bun is an Arnold Bread Sandwich Thin® — whole wheat, and only 100 calories a piece.

Reasons it's healthier than a normal burger:
♡ lean turkey breast
♡ 100 calorie sandwich thin
♡ Greek yogurt instead of mayo
♡ less cheese in the burger than there would be ON the burger

The Mykonos burger was scrumptious! I loved the flavor combinations and how I could taste the different components in every bite. I also really enjoyed the Greek yogurt condiment as opposed to ketchup, mayo or mustard (and for those of you who know about my ketchup obsession, this is a BIG deal). Amwilli loved them, and ate a couple as a result— although something tells me he would have done this regardless :)

I was able to make six patties, so we have plenty of leftovers for a quick lunch sometime this weekend. I will definitely make these again!

Mykonos Burger: ✩✩✩✩½ (out of 5)

Now, Friday night just wouldn't be complete without a cocktail! And what better way to keep the healthy tone of the evening than with the Skinnygirl Margarita?

This version leaves out all the sugary calories that you usually find in mixes. It's a strong drink, but you can add lemonade or club soda to thin this out a little. I went for full fire power since this was my first time trying an SGM. I got through about 1½ before it was lights out.

Skinnygirl Margarita: ✩✩✩✩✩ (haha, of course)



  1. Question: Did the recipe actually call for Adobo seasoning? If so, I may need to go buy her cookbook. I basically trust any chef that would call for some Adobo.
    Second. The Skinny Girl Margaritas are delishhh. I love them a little bit too much. Although I just use a litte lime juice rather than lemonade.

  2. Hahaha... it called for garlic powder, but I like Adobo better, so that's what I used! Yeah, the skinnygirls were a big hit, even with A dot... we never got around to using the lemonade (shocker)— I just bought it in case they were toooo strong.

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