Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fitness Round Up

My neverending quest for a decent bod is in full swing this summer (as per usual). I've gotten a little "loose in the cage" since the wedding and righting the ship is NEVER easy. I've decided to start a weekly fitness round up to stay on my Ps and Qs— and also probably do some bellyaching, commiserating, and celebrating (very)small victories.

Right now I've got a lot of activity swirling in my workout pot. I'm fully confident that my combo of tennis, P90X, pilates, the Firm and the occasional run *could* whip me into shape. The key is obviously that I have to actually do them— go figure.

So far this week:
Burn + Firm Pilates

Firm Ultimate Cardio Blaster

Still to come:
P90X Legs + Back
P90X Arms + Shoulders

tennis w/ AmWilli!

My hope is to get back up to the 6-days-a-week schedule I had before the nuptials. I'm really quite vain when it comes to this stuff... and while slow, steady and healthy will definitely win this race, I have to admit my ultimate goal is just to be a rockin' trophy wife ;)