Monday, June 7, 2010

Popsicle-y Goodness

If you're a popsicle fanatic such as myself, you run to the freezer section of the grocery store as soon as you get that first really hot day of Spring or Summer. Typically, I'm a tried and true "Fla-Vor-Ice" kind of girl, but this year I've decided to diversify my portfolio.

I know, I know— most popsicles and fruit bars are sugar and water, but some are actually better than others. And sometimes a girl just needs a little flavored sugar water in her life.

So far I've found two winners in my grocer's freezer. The first is Edy's Pomegranate Fruit Bars. These bars are absolutely delicious. If you enjoy the taste of pomegranate and really juicy fruit bars, these are the way to go— and at only 70 calories a pop, they're guilt-free.

Next up (and for the kid in all of us) there's PhillySwirl "SwirlStix". These tasty little treats are actually Italian Ice and come in flavors such as: cotton candy, banana split, applelicious and more. They'll only run you 48 calories, and they are big on flavor. My favorite is the banana split.

What are some of your favorite popsicles and fruit bars?


  1. Edy's Strawberry.
    And TJ's chocolate-covered frozen bananas. Does that count as a fruit bar?

  2. Absolutely! Mmmm... chocolate-covered bananas.

  3. Have u tried the Edy's Acai Berry and Blueberry?? I like them even more than the Pomegranate! And I've convinced myself that I'm being healthy by eating them!