Saturday, June 5, 2010

Solo Saturday

In an effort to feel less wasteful—and maintain the shoestring budget I'm on this Summer—I've decided to start cooking with only the ingredients I have on hand (except for produce, of course).

Since tonight was a solo Saturday, messing up on a new recipe meant no one had to know... so to the cupboards I went! My baking cabinet never lets me down, so I started there. After about 3 seconds, I realized I had enough to throw together some bread...

Enter new recipe: Easiest Focaccia.

Focaccia instantly made me think of my latest obsession: Grilled Turkey Burgers with Cheddar and Smoky Aioli and my mission was clear...

Take this stuff:

... and make something delicious.

Mix, mix, mix, knead, bake... stir, stir, stir, fold, grill.

In the end, success!

I seasoned the focaccia with salt, garlic powder and basil. The turkey burgers were finished off with sharp cheddar, tomato, red onions and a yummy side salad. I was a little afraid of the leftovers at first because burgers always reheat a little wonky, but I'm sure the toaster oven will get the job done.

Wonder what the cupboard has in store for tomorrow!