Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Follow that {lobster} truck!

I love lobstah. Particularly when it's delivered to my belly in the form of a Maine lobster roll. Lordy— I cannot get enough. 

My obsession with these delicious little sandwiches started a few years ago on a trip to Cape Cod... and {thankfully} continues in the DC area all because of Red Hook Lobster Pound, a restaurant serving up authentic New England goodies. Last summer, RHLP brilliantly unleashed a food truck on DC... and seriously stepped up the city's food truck game. 

The truck tweets its lunchtime spots to thousands of lunch-going followers hoping it'll be parked within walking distance. Of course, they're more than prepared to spend a decent amount of their breaks waiting in line. Such is life. 

I've been fortunate enough to stalk run into the lobster truck a few times now, and it never disappoints. Yesterday was the mister's first foray into the stalkery... pretty sure he's on the bandwagon now. 

Sorry, blue crab. 
Where I started in line... 

15 minutes later... {still not at the front}

 10 minutes after that... completely worth it. 

 Yeahhh, that's a whole lobster in there ::drool::

Mm mm mmm... sadly, the chicken I have out for dinner has just completely lost its appeal. Oops.

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