Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

One of my very favorite causes/companies/movements is TOMS Shoes. If you're not familiar with TOMS, you can learn about them here. When you buy a pair of {reasonably priced AND comfortable} TOMS Shoes, a pair is also given to a child in need. It's a win-win-WIN... new shoes for you, for someone in need, and NO buyer's remorse! I currently have one pair of TOMS with another pair on the way :)

Today is One Day Without Shoes... hundreds of events around the world are bringing attention to all the children who go shoeless day in and day out. Unfortunately, I couldn't go shoeless today, but I wore my TOMS in solidarity as well as joined a virtual event. There's still time to be a part of this awesome movement. 

Bop on over to TOMS, read up, join an event, BUY SOME SHOES! 

For the record, I don't work for TOMS, but I am down for this cause! {clearly☺}