Sunday, April 3, 2011

Photo Friday {Week 13}

Ok, so I had one glorious week of sort of on time— and now it's back to Sunday. My baaaad! 

3.26 - The same night as my 3.25 photo, but this one was snapped after midnight, so we're good. ps-- I know it's completely out of focus, but I love the colors!

3.27 - Sunbather extraordinaire.

3.28 - The Devil.

3.29 - Mama

3.30 - Sundae

3.31 - Opening Day! Go Giants!! {they lost, womp}

4.1 - Penn Station: roast beef, provolone, LTM, red peppers = best sandwich everrrr. 

This week is the debut of the watermark. What d'ya think?? I also played around with Photoshop a little more. I took Miss Mac's advice and bought a Photoshop lesson book—lessons are set to begin this week! My goal is to include at least one photo a week with skills from the latest lesson. Hopefully I'll be a little better at that than this whole posting on Friday thing— but we'll see!