Saturday, April 9, 2011

Photo Friday {Week 14}

This Photo Friday was inspired by our fridge lobstah from Week 12.

Let's face it-- we're into magnets. They're one of the only practical souvenirs you can get when you travel. I don't go through all of our photos everyday, but I certainly do hit up that fridge several times in a 24-hour period {how many times is MY secret}.

Every little trip to the fridge is a chance to remember a great getaway or family trip. Can't beat that for a couple bucks in a tourist shop or airport. Magnets are wonderful-- so without further ado, here are a few more + the lovely little reminder I get when I see them...

4/2 - Horniiiitos {Honeymoon}

4/3 - Party in the city where the heat is on... {Amy's 4 parties in one!}

4/4 - Minnesoooota {Wedding and Jucy Lucy)

4/5 - Real Mayan craftsmanship. Pppfffhh! {More honeymooning}

4/6 - I miss you, J Willi {J's graduation + baby duck, baby duck!}

4/7 - Vintage VA Beach {Quick getaway}

4/8 - Viva Las Vegas {Best. Trip. Ever.}

So, these are all technically a part of the first lesson in this book. Lesson two {which was actually lesson one} was: learn the workspace. Suffice to say, I'm still working on it!

Happy Weekend--


  1. hahaha "baby duck, baby duck!" I miss you guys too--also, in all the times I've come back to visit I've never picked up a DC or "downtown maryland" magnet. I'm gonna make this happen in May!

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