Friday, April 1, 2011

Houston, we have a watermark.

Not-so-secret confession: I like my photos. 

Not that I think they're some kind of visual masterpiece, but they're mine... so I've decided it's high time I protected them a little. 

Introducing my new logo/watermark:

This is the full color logo version, but I have an all white version for photos. Before anyone gets the WRONG idea-- I'm definitely NOT starting a business! I just barely know how to turn my camera on.  But these are my photos, right? And however novice they may be, I work hard on them— so I should slap my name on these suckers. I also have one that just says "photos." 

I love my new logo + watermark. I bought the first from the Faith Above shop over on Etsy. The second, I played around with on photoshop til I figured it out. I really need to buckle down and learn that program. {I get really excited at the prospect of being able to design little things like this, especially for my classroom!} 

Happy Weekend!